Marty Sinnott

President and CEO
Marty Sinnott

1-800-231-7796, Ext. 121

Prior to joining AMIGOS in the fall of 2010, Marty worked in child welfare for 30 years having served as CEO of two nonprofit organizations; The Youth Campus and One Hope United.  For the first 10 years of his career he held a variety of positions working directly with Wards of the State of Illinois. These youth were both fragile and resilient. Working with abused and neglected youth inspired and provoked him to pursue a career in improving the policy and administration of programs and increasing organizational capacity.  Throughout his career he has been very fortunate to have worked with smart, committed Board members and great staff colleagues. He graduated from the college of the University of Chicago with a degree in Religion and Humanities, where he also received a Master’s degree in Social Science. He and his wife Janet have three wonderful and adventuresome children.

" What intrigues me most about my role at AMIGOS is the opportunity to make the world a better place through the increased capacity of US and Latin American youth who volunteer in our projects. We have a huge impact in the communities where we work.  The exponential impact however occurs when AMIGOS alumni go on to be catalysts for positive social change on a local community and global scale.  Although we do have a focused menu of important goals when working with communities; the environment and sustainability, public health, education, and youth development, we do not see our mission in the context of fixing a “problem”. Our vision is about the incredible exponential potential of all youth to be leaders in shaping the future.  If we do that we will not only fix important problems along the way but we will define new boundaries of potential and justice for people throughout the Americas and world.

Because young people are fortunately three quarters the way to adulthood.  It is that developing space of young person’s brain and personality that is open to intense, challenging and exciting experiences such as AMIGOS.   Our volunteers are developing skills and attributes between the ages of approximately 16 and 25 that will shape how they experience the world for the rest of their lives. How big is that?

What do I see as unique about AMIGOS?  We take the health and safety of our volunteers and project staff very seriously. We have 25,000 alumni.  We are becoming increasingly diverse. Our network of 26 Chapters throughout the US prove that committed people can make a lasting  difference. Step by step we will become an organization of the Americas with Latin American youth volunteering in the US and increasing alumni network in Latin America."  

Amigos de las Américas (AMIGOS) inspires and builds young leaders through collaborative community development and immersion in cross-cultural experiences.

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